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Despite what some law firms tell you, data protection is not just a legal issue.

This legal bias blocks the potential in some companies to reframe data protection as a business imperative.

Data protection is not all about articles, recitals, interpretation, case law, etc.

All of those things are very important, without a doubt.

But if data protection in your company remains theoretical, and there continues to be a disconnect between data protection leadership and the other business functions, it’s time to recall what Einstein supposedly said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Data protection is complex and to bring it alive, make it actionable from top to bottom requires an approach your average law firm doesn't provide.

Many data protection leaders now experience the benefits of aligning their work with the data-driven elements of their company’s business strategy - using a Data Protection Purpose and Strategy as the vehicle.

A Data Protection Purpose and Strategy will increase buy-in and support from the very stakeholders who are processing personal data to fuel the business.

Many CMOs and CDOs must have data protection ‘guard rails’ in place to execute their digital marketing strategies.

The Martech deployed these days is powerful and whilst it has a tremendous capability for data-driven growth and business acceleration, it can also be the source of unintended negative outcomes and introduce high levels of risk to your company.

A clear, business-aligned purpose and strategy will also change the perception of data protection in your company from a legal compliance issue to a growth enabler.

It will help overcome the apathy that may exist across the organization towards data protection.

We support Data Protection Leaders in an advisory capacity when interacting with larger consultancy companies or law firms. Typically the work involves scrutiny of:

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