EU Data Initiatives

Since February 2020 when it launched its ambitious “Strategy for Data,” the EU passed several agile laws and frameworks to regulate data access and sharing by both private and public sectors.

The tone being set, new business models are emerging and the structure of the data flows is changed, among others, to the benefits of strategic sectors and domains of public interest, such as manufacturing, cloud computing, Green Deal, health, finance, education, etc. At the same time, to be able to reap the advantages, organisations are under pressure to adapt and adjust their business models to embrace new data management strategies and legal requirements.

In addition, enhanced cybersecurity threats aimed at the very core of critical entities and networks, triggered the EU to strengthen its cybersecurity legislation by introducing new rules to minimise the likelihood of such threats from occurring and their economic and social impact.

Overview of EU data initiatives

The strategies include the following:

  • Digital Services Act. Establishes rules for a more transparent and safer online environment.
  • Digital Markets Act. Regulates gatekeeper and prohibits exploitative use of market power by the gatekeeper in the digital economy.
  • Data Governance Act. Establishes personal data spaces and intermediation services as alternatives to the existing major tech platforms.
  • Data Act. Establishes rules regarding the use of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • AI Act. A product safety framework constructed around risk categories.
  • NIS 2 Directive. Regulates a wider pool of sectors, requiring organisations to assess the cybersecurity practices of their suppliers down the supply chain.
  • Cyber Resilience Act. Regulates products with digital elements, including software. Manufacturers, importers and distributors of products with digital elements have enhanced obligations before and whilst placing a product with digital elements on the market.

But what impact will these data initiatives have on your organisation?

Educate, assess, plan

We can help you answer that question through a range of facilitated, structured full-day workshops that will:

  • EDUCATE you and your colleagues about the key aspects of the new legislation tailored to your business context
  • ASSESS the impact to your business and identify the actions you need to take, and finally,
  • PLAN the actions you need to take. We co-create a prioritised deliverables roadmap with interdependencies, underpinning assumptions, as well as any risks and issues identified during the day.

All workshops are prepared and facilitated by Purpose and Means and can be held physically onsite at your offices, remotely or a hybrid.

We use proven workshop analysis and planning techniques that allow your teams to take ownership of the deliverables and outcomes.

We can run workshops for the individual pieces of legislation, or we also suggest the following bundles:

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