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Explaining Data Controller/Data Processor obligations

Data protection is a complex topic on many fronts filled with often-abstract concepts.

As data protection professionals we need to articulate these concepts into forms  employees can grasp easily.

At Purpose and Means we continually develop one-pagers that can be presented step by step, in your own words, and then circulated to employees afterwards.

A picture speaks a thousand bullet points.

To mark this week's anniversary around GDPR, Purpose and Means is having a ‘Great GDPR Giveaway’ making available for free some of our visual material that you can adapt and make use of in your context.

Today's giveaway is this one-pager that can be used to explain the high-level interactions between a Data Controller and Data Processor.

If you would like a copy of this explainer with animations embedded, drop an email to:

Petruta Pirvan
Tim Clements
May 24, 2023


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